福建通报4起违反八项规定精神问题 有领导干部违规报销_星辰社会新闻



Fujian notifies 4 cases of mental problems in violation of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee


With the May 1st and Dragon Boat Festivals approaching, Fujian Discipline Inspection Commission has notified four recent cases of violations of the spirit of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee.


1. The reimbursement of illegal public funds by Feng Jiachang, former member of the Party Committee of the directly affiliated organ of Fujian Human Resources and Social Security Department. During his tenure as director of the Provincial Personnel Examination Center, Feng Jiachang entertained relatives and friends in a hotel several times during the Mid-Autumn Festival of September 19, 2013 and September to October 2014. The total consumption was 17.8 million yuan, and reimbursed in the name of conference fees. On December 25, 2018, Feng Jiachang was severely warned and punished by the Party and reimbursed for related expenses.


2. The former executive vice-director of the Executive Board of Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court, Wei Yibin, a Deputy Judge at the Department level, and Lin Hui (female), former vice-president of the Executive Court, accept the banquet of management service objects. From September 2017 to January 2018, Wei Yibin and Lin Hui accepted many banquets arranged by the managers of the Executive Board of the grass-roots courts, which had a negative impact. On January 30, 2019, Wei Yibin and Lin Hui were severely warned and punished by the Party and removed from their posts.


3. Lan Huisheng, Chief of Social Relief Section of Longhai Civil Affairs Bureau, is concerned with public-funded tourism. From March 23 to 26, 2015, during his training in Guangxi, Lan Huisheng went to Weizhou Island in Beihai City for a “one-day tour”. After the training, Lan Huisheng took a private route to Haikou and reimbursed the expenses incurred. In addition, Lan Huisheng still has the problem of violating work discipline. On December 13, 2018, Lan Huisheng was severely warned and punished by the Party and paid back the related expenses.


4. Zhou Lihua, director of Shaxian Public Security Bureau and deputy director of police support office, is responsible for the maintenance of private cars. From December 2016 to January 2017, Zhou Lihua refueled his private car five times, totaling 1,382.3 yuan, using the convenience of the official vehicle refueling card of the custodian unit. Only after the inspection team of the Municipal Party Committee found out the problem, did he reimburse the related expenses. On January 22, 2019, Zhou Lihua was warned and punished by the Party.


The circular pointed out that some of the typical problems mentioned above were maintenance of private cars and reimbursement for violation of regulations; some ignored laws and regulations and accepted banquets from management service objects; and some were eager to enjoy themselves and traveled with illegal public funds on official business trips. These actions profoundly show that under the current situation of continuous severe punishment and high-pressure deterrence, the “Four Winds” problem is still rooted in ruins and must be firmly investigated and seriously corrected. Party members and cadres at all levels should take the above-mentioned typical problems as a warning, check and check, self-warning and self-examination, the more the holiday node, the more tightening the strings of style construction, order prohibition, clean festival.


The circular calls for Discipline Inspection and supervision organs at all levels to earnestly fulfill the basic and first duty of supervision, to “zero tolerance” and “open-minded” against such bad habits as hedonism and luxury; to persevere in correcting the “four winds” problem at the nodes, to focus on the old problems of illegal eating and drinking, illegal gift collection, illegal allowances and subsidies, and to dig in depth. We should pay close attention to evading important nodes, breaking rules and regulations, and other seemingly problematic issues. We should stick to the more strict discipline we follow, discover and investigate together, so as to consolidate and expand the achievements of work style construction with perseverance and perseverance on the road, overcome difficulties and fight continuously, and never win a victory. (Fujian Discipline Commission Supervisory Committee)


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